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Now that Kobe Bryant is retired, many have wondered where his signature line with Nike would go.

Well, a little information as to what we can expect next from Kobe’s signature line has surfaced with what’s being called Kobe A.D. — and the release on November 23.

What do you guys think A.D. stands for? Are you excited for another Kobe signature model? Will it sell? Sound off in the comments section below or on social media with the #WearTesters.

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  1. Anno Domini
    Makes sense since AD started after Christ’s death and this is the 1st Kobe shoe post retirement

  2. I’m assuming the AD is a reference to the biblical dating system. Events that occurred after the given date for the death of Jesus were listed as having occurred “after death,” or AD. It’s just a way of showing something took place after the ending of a major event. In this case, the ending of a major event is Kobe’s basketball career. The death of it, if you will. So now his shoes that release are “after death.”

    1. AD stand for anno domini, not after death. AD could stand for after death as referring to his basketball carrer as stated by another comment.

      1. Based on my research AD does not stand for after death. It’s a common misconception since B.C. does mean before Christ. But A.D. actually means the years after the birth year of Christ.

        1. I did watch it. And you are absolutely correct that AD means “anno domini.” However, I would guess that due to the misconception you mentioned, more people will view AD as “after death” rather than “anno domini.” And given the ending of Kobe’s career, I’m just guessing Nike is taking advantage of that.

  3. In germany A. D. stands for “out of service”. For example a general that retires gets the title “general a. D.”

  4. A.D. stands for Anno Domini which is a Latin term that means “In the year of our Lord” so basically after Christ was born

  5. Whoa new player form Jesusbe.

    But yeah I’m really just expecting an offshoot. Wouldn’t make much sense to make something that is in the same tier as the main line, although maybe a premium casual pair could be on the table since UA is milking the “Lux” stuff.

  6. Guys I think I just figured it out after searching long and hard in the acronym finder website. A.D. Stands for Anti-Diarrheal cause Kobes game ain’t soft like sh*t.

  7. I dont know why but i thought of A.D as “Arrivederci”. Italian phrase for “until we see each other again”. He said that phrase in the old Nike commercial with Robert Rodriguez and Kanye West but that may be a stretch. lol

  8. Anno Domini, “In the year of our Lord” It’s a Latin translation. Interesting concept by Nike using AD for post career things.

  9. Nike should’ve done the same thing with Kobe as they did with Jordan. just keep going with the line, no need to change anything. Jordan didn’t need an A.D., why does Kobe?

    1. Notice how we are talking about the shoe even more,guessing what AD means, etc etc. They are marketing genius. Keeps the conversation and topics going

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